I've just arrived in Geneva. Now in quarantine for one week
Then I will be on the markets with my Spirulina shop, etc.
I will be here for the summer and don't know where after that...
Phone in Geneva: +41 76 505 75 73 - Email: sleemy@gmail.com

I closed my FaceBook, (wasting too much time) and closed my WhatsApp (no seccure enough).
I'm on Signal: +977 9817166873 (Sleemy Chillout) - Skype: sleemy444
Check on TripAdvisor for Pyramid-Cafe Rishikesh. Welcome to visit.
We have 2 appartments, 6 ROOMS and 2 Yoga Halls !!! Photos on "accomodation" link on top of page.

Here is a photo and a sattelite view (Google), to locate the Pyramid-cafe: Click
From the sattelite view, you can zoom in, to see more details.
You can see it from Google-Earth, with more photos: Just zoom in on Rishikesh/Laxmanjhula area.

If you find this page from a search engine (Google, Yahoo, etc.) and you don't see the link-menu bar, on the top,
click here: www.pyramid-cafe.in to get everything.